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The Knot
Using open data, The Tie introduces the idea of proposing, before anyone tries—and fails. Highlighting the most popular ways that proposals fail, The Tie shows them how to do it, the right way.
Out of Home
To get started, we began to draw attention to the plenty of ways to fail at proposals by featuring these sweet lil plaques around town. 
Out of Home
If you wanna see some examples of these tragic failures, because apparently people love watching that stuff, they can scan the snap code at the bottom of the plaques.
Out of Home
Even the best intentions can have the worst result, so The Knot is going to make sure you get that "Yes."
Snapchat Filter
We wanted to keep a little light hearted with a sweet Snapchat filter that says the most perfect moments shouldn't be met with disappointment.
Keeping it simple with this print campaign to catch the attention of those just breezing through, with a straight-to-the-point call to action.
Sponsored posts showcasing some of the world's favorites failed proposals.
This site acts as a landing base for all proposal planning and prep, and also a space for people to enter for the chance to win access to all of the Knot's resources with a proposal planner!
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