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Arm and Hammer
Opening the scene on baking soda, we’ve found a product that has as many multitasking skills as these digital moms. Endorse this daily duo with a digital environment for everyone to post their cleaning tips and tricks, all with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda at the center, as your all-in-one, everything-safe, partner-in-crime, supermom secret.
Digital Moms are best at exactly that, keeping it digital. We found them in their natural habitat and found a way to create an environment that brought them together and closer to the mission to take over the world.
Past the screen, we took it to the streets. These moms are always on the go, so we went with them, with an old-school magazine quiz.
Facebook Group
A community is only as strong as its social presence, so we brought from the window, to the Facebook walls.
Making a public statement is one more way we made sure to tell the truth: Mom's are really doing it all.
It's a common understanding that shopping with kids is a nightmare for even the most super of heroes. Somehow, moms got it all under control, with a little bit of help from a Snapchat filter to keep the kids busy.
by Qiana Butler & Ashlee Hanz
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